What is BigONE?

BigONE is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that supports a vast array of dynamic trading. Functionality is emphasised above all else, meaning that the site may not look spectacular, but all the most desirable and cutting edge tools are offered. From BigONE Earn to perpetual futures leveraging, BigONE is leading the charge in the comprehensive crypto trading market.

All major cryptos are supported, as well as a broad selection of altcoins. The versatile system allows both veteran and newcomer traders to explore the entirety of the market. Hot new coins are also being added on a regular basis, keeping trading fresh and providing potentially massive opportunity.  For traders that like to stay informed BigONE news is streamed directly to the site, putting essential trading information front and centre.

All in all BigONE is a crypto exchange aimed at traders that value functionality, diversity and flexibility. It is, putting it simply, a site that does away with unnecessary spectacle in favour of usability.

How We Reviewed BigONE:

When it comes to everything related to crypto trading we take our jobs very seriously. Our team has been exploring, analysing and investigating exchanges for years now, and they’re very familiar with what works and what doesn’t. Hence, when we review an exchange, for example like Binance reviews, we know exactly what to look for, paying attention to the factors that really matter. If we like what we find we’ll let you know, but are just as upfront about pointing out things we believe are questionable. It is our intention, above all else, to keep the world of crypto trading safe and transparent for all traders.

How Does BigONE Work?

BigONE is a crypto exchange like all others, offering buying, trading and investing services. A trader need simply register for an account and they can start trading immediately.

What makes BigONE stand apart is that a range of additional tools and features are provided, including AI trading, BigONE Earn, and much more. This means that although standard trading is supported, additional tools provide a distinct advantage over competitors. To put in another way; BigONE aims to be a cut above the rest in the technology department.

What We Rated BigONE:

Sign-Up Process: 5/5

Signing up at BigONE is drastically simplified, requiring just a few personal details for an account to become active. Though, it should be kept in mind that since the site takes security seriously the Know Your Customer (KYC) process will have to be completed. It is an extra step, but an important factor for keeping traders safe.

Deposits and Withdrawals: 4.7/5

Deposits and withdrawals at BigONE are easy. A trader simply has to follow the one screen prompts to finalise a transaction.

Available Assets and Ways to Trade: 4.8/5

BigONE emphasis providing a diverse range of trading options. Advanced AI trading tools are provided, drastically simplifying and automating trading. Savvy users are able to set up systems as they prefer, then kick back and let the action unfold. 

Customer Service: 4.4/5

Customer support is extremely important, and the brains behind BigONE are clearly aware of this. A 24 hour a day live chat feature provides assistance whenever it is required.

Security and Regulation: 4.8/5

BigONE is not only a regulated crypto exchange, but the KYC process is also required for all traders. This means that the site operates firmly within the law.

Type:AI Trading Software
Profit Close Rate:85%+
Registration:Free (With Verification)
Verification:Under 10 Minutes
Initial Deposit:$20
Regulatory Body:CySEC (Liquidity)
Withdrawal Time:24 Hours
Automated Trading:Yes
Order Execution Time:Less than 1ms
User Data Encryption:Yes (AES 256-bit)

Is BigONE Legit or a Scam?

BigONE is a regulated cryptocurrency trader that operates within the law. The site also utilises the KYC process in order to ensure that traders utilising the services are legitimate and not involved in illegal activities. Encryption systems are also in use, meaning that every transaction is hidden behind a layer of impenetrable security.

BigONE Features and Differentiators

BigONE emphasises usability, streamlined design and cutting edge technology above all else. Live news feeds, AI trading systems and advanced trading options are key, giving traders an advantage that could mean the difference between big profits and big losses.

User-Friendly Interface

It is fine when crypto exchanges look nice, but veteran traders know that flashy graphics aren’t the key to trading successfully. Although BigONE looks fine, the designers have not emphasised spectacle. The site is simple, streamlined, and focuses on functionality. In other words the platform is supremely easy to use.

Place Trades Simultaneously

The advanced AI systems at BigONE can be fully automated, meaning that trade flexibility is enormous. With parameters carefully assigned the AI systems handle all the work, meaning instant trade deals can be struck, the best deals are closed as they become available, and multiple deals can even be closed simultaneously.

Emotion-Free Trading

Humans are flawed, often thinking with their hearts rather than their heads. AI has no such problem, always making the best deals based on facts and statistics. Crypto trading isn’t a place for emotions, which is why AI automation is so important.

Zero Licensing Cost

At BigONE no licensing fees are applicable. Trading fees are charged on a per transaction basis, coming in at a flat rate of 0.2%. Contract trading is charged at 0.06% for takers and 0.02% for makers.

High Profitability

Crypto trading can be extremely profitable for those that hit the right deals. BigONE is all about assisting traders in making those deals, providing automation, live news feeds, and the BigONE Earn wealth management system.

Trade Multiple Cryptocurrencies

As every smart trader knows, when it comes to cryptos it’s all about diversity of coins. Yes, there are a few cryptos that everyone knows, but the biggest profits often come from cryptos no one has heard of. That’s why BigONE not only supports the big names, it also allows for speculative trading on lesser known altcoins. Smart, well-placed investments on unknown cryptos can sometimes be the big score traders are looking for.

SSL Certified

The online world can be dangerous, especially when it comes to cryptos. That’s why BigONE utilises secure socket layer (SSL) technology. SSL encrypts all data, including transactions and personal information. The added security keeps traders and their information safe at all times.

Quick Withdrawals

Withdrawals from BigONE take around 24 hours to reflect in most cases. Though this does depend on the currency being withdrawn, and the banking system involved.

Customer Support Department

Customer support is the cornerstone of a good exchange, which is why BigONE provides 24 hour assistance. An extensive support page is always available, providing detailed information to all the most commonly encountered challenges. Otherwise support staff can always be reached directly.

Demo Trading Account

BigONE provides an extremely useful demo trading account. With a demo account newcomers can practice trading, allowing them to learn the systems in preparation for real trading. Using a demo account is free, convenient, and very educational.

How to Register with BigONE

Account registration at BigONE is designed to be as quick and easy as possible. Though the KYC process will have to be completed, meaning that verified identification will have to be provided. The process will be much quicker if required documents are at hand.

1. Registration Form

The registration form requires just a few simple details, including a name, email address and residential address. Giving incorrect details will slow down registration. Hence it is important that correct details are provided the first time.

2. Make Your First Deposit

BigONE supports cryptos and a few fiat currencies. Depending on which currency is chosen the depositing process will vary, though will still be fast and easy to understand.

3. Demo or Live Trade

Once account registration is complete and a deposit made, trading is then possible. Demo trading is provided in order to familiarise traders with the various systems. Otherwise a trader can go straight to live trading, as they prefer.

Tips for Making the Most of BigONE

BigONE provides a vast range of cutting edge tools, allowing for trading to take place on multiple levels. Those that make use of all provided facilities have a better chance of achieving success. Here are a few tips to help newcomers get the most out of their account.

Utilise Your Account Broker

BigONE does not currently provide account broker services, instead focusing on automated AI systems. But account broker services may be added in the future.

Invest the Minimum at First

Crypto trading is exciting, but it is advisable to not jump in and start throwing around big investments immediately. It is instead smarter to start small, invest a little, and get a better idea of how things work.

Keep Track of Your Cryptos

BigONE has a live news feed and the BigONEpedia for a reason. Information is the key to smart investing, including keeping track of crypto values. Smart traders carefully track their investments and pay special attention to which cryptos are performing well.

Spend 20 Minutes on Your Account Daily

Crypto trading is not something that should be done lightly. Time should be spent managing accounts on a daily basis, with a minimum of 20 minutes being advisable. The more time spent on an account, the better the chances it will produce favourable results.

Invest Responsibly

It should never be forgotten that crypto trading comes with inherent risks. Although big profits can be made, losses are also possible. That is why investments should be done smartly and responsibly. Remember; crypto transactions are always final.

Keep Track of Your Transactions

Smart traders understand the importance of keeping logs. All transactions, big or small, should be carefully catalogued. There is no telling when the information will be important.

The Brief History of Crypto and BigONE

BigONE was founded in 2017 by a group of crypt enthusiasts and expert. The exchange was registered in the Seychelles and now operates in Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Seychelles, Vietnam, Brazil and Russia. The site quickly became known for providing world class trading services with a focus on advanced technology and powerful AI based automation tools.

BigONE also puts strong emphasis on safety, security, and transparency. Not only does the exchange provide 100% proof of reserves, but 2 step verification ensures that traders are safe on a day to day basis.

Alternatives to BigONE:

We have extensive crypto exchange knowledge, and there is no question that BigONE is a smart choice. However there are multiple alternatives to consider, including Kraken, Gemini, Crypto.com, Coinbase and more.

Frequently Asked Questions About BigONE

What is BigONE and How Does it Work?

BigONE is a cutting edge crypto exchange. Traders are able to quickly and easily buy, trade and invest in various cryptocurrencies.

How Much Profit Can I Make with BigONE?

It is possible to make enormous profits trading crypto. This does, however, depend on the investment choices made by each trader.

Is BigONE Free to Use?

While account registration is completely free some fees do apply when transactions occur.

BigONE App – is One Available?

A BigONE dedicated app is available.

Where is BigONE Available?

BigONE is available in Russia, Brazil, Vietnam, Seychelles, Singapore, Japan, and Indonesia.


BigONE shines in a crowded crypto exchange market, offering streamlined services complimented by cutting edge AI technology. Traders get the most out of their account on a daily basis, with outstanding tools and other impressive features. BigONE Earn helps with leveraging every coin into tangible profits, while automated tools take the hassle out of smart trading. Simply put, BigONE is an exchange that has it all, making it perfect for veteran and beginner traders alike.