bitcoins accepted here


to the first codes for Bitcoins store. Buy Microsoft Points, PSN value, Nintendo points, game time and gift cards for Bitcoins with instant delivery.
The best part is that you don't even need a user account. You can be in and out with your code in no time.
Email address is optional to get your code via email so you can look it up any time.
To test out the site and customer response there will be only a few different items available.
If you want to see codes for other platforms or items here, please drop us a line at


Sorry for the wait, but now we should have enough codes left for the rest of the Steam Summer Sale (Gift card store) has moved to a new server to improve performance and enable https for all connections

We are now offering Steam wallet and Spotify Premium codes!

Please be aware that you DON'T NEED TO SEND MORE BITCOINS than shown on the payment page!. Sending more coins will not make the transaction go faster!

We are proud to offer prepaid vouchers for 1,3 and 12 month.
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Now available: Virtual Fortune Cookies for 0.01 BTC. See how the instant delivery works without risking a large amount.
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