What is Binance US?

Binance US is the partner of Binance.com – possibly the largest cryptocurrency exchange platform on the market right now. Binance US is, as you may have guessed, available for US users only, which makes it dedicated and focused on one population group. This only adds to its safety and security as one of the biggest and most streamlined and optimized platforms on the market right now. If you’re from the United States, this might be just the perfect platform for you to get started on your crypto investment journey.

Binance US was set up and launched back in 2019, and because of its popular named partner it quickly rose to the top of the cryptocurrency exchange platforms charts. United States citizens looking for a dedicated platform at which they could buy and trade crypto had finally found a solution.

Want to get started on Binance US and trade cryptocurrency? Let’s take a look at how it works.

How We Reviewed Binance US:

There are numerous crypto exchange platforms, with new entries being launched on a regular basis. Some platforms excel and offer premium services, others do the bare minimum. We are familiar with the majority of these platforms, with it being our job to investigate each and every one. As such we are intimately familiar with what works, what doesn’t, and what really is cutting edge. We bring this expertise to every crypto exchange review and aren’t afraid to say exactly what we feel. If something is outstanding we make it known, or if a site is lacking we also aren’t afraid to point it out.

How Does Binance US Work?

Binance US is a cryptocurrency exchange platform, meaning that services are provided for traders to buy, trade and exchange digital assets. Anyone interested can register, make a deposit, and get busy within a few minutes.

What makes one exchange stand apart from others is how convenient, and how dynamic the offered services are. In the case of Binance US there is a strong emphasis on flexibility, diversity, and extremely low fees. The exchange covers an enormous 350+ cryptos, as well as an extensive range of NFTs and other digital assets. All this and still the fees are some of the lowest in the industry.

What We Rated Binance US:

Sign-Up Process: 5/5

Signing up with Binance US is an absolute breeze. The process takes just a few moments, with only a verified email address required. As is well known, the exchange does not require that traders complete the Know Your Client (KYC) process. All trading is, therefore, completely anonymous for those that desire it.

Deposits and Withdrawals: 4.7/5

Deposits and withdrawals at Binance US are as streamlined as possible. There is something to be taken into account, however. Traders that aren’t registered through the KYC process have a daily withdrawal limit.

Available Assets and Ways to Trade: 4.8/5

From the hottest cryptos to the most desirable NFTs, Binance US is all about flexibility and diversity. The latest big cryptos are all on offer, as well as various hot altcoins. NFTs are also available, making the exchange a true one stop service.

Customer Service: 4.4/5

No one thinks about customer support until they need it. Thankfully at Binance US the best customer support is always available. A 24 hour customer support hotline provides quick solutions to all challenges.

Security and Regulation: 4.8/5

Binance US put user safety first. The exchange is fully regulated, as well being serious about safety and security. The exchange has a dedicated international compliance team.

Type:Trading Software
Profit Close Rate:85%+
Registration:Free (No KYC required)
Verification:Under 1 minute (Without KYC)
Initial Deposit:$50
Regulatory Body:AMF
Withdrawal Time:24 Hours
Automated Trading:Yes
Order Execution Time:Less than 1ms
User Data Encryption:Yes (SHA 256-bit)

Is Binance US Legit or a Scam?

Binance US is a highly respected presence in the crypto trading market. The exchange is fully regulated by the AMF, has a user base of over 120 million, and enjoys more daily volume than most other exchanges combined. The site also has an optional KYC process, meaning that traders can engage with the services anonymously if they choose to do so.

Binance US Features and Differentiators

Binance US comes with a host of outstanding tools and free services, including Binance Earn, Binance Pay, personalised access control, and much more. Perhaps the feature the exchange is most known for is its exceptionally low fees, with all Bitcoin trades having a permanent 0% fee.

User-Friendly Interface

Binance US is designed with usability above all else, providing an incredibly easy to understand user interface. Virtually anyone can jump in, know exactly what they’re doing, and start trading immediately. Regardless if a trader is using PC or mobile, Binance US is as streamlined as it’s possible for an exchange to be.

Place Trades Simultaneously

Apart from all the other features, Binance US is also heavily dedicated to account automation. This means that savvy traders can simply input parameters, then let the system do all the work. The fully automated AI system even allows for trades to be done simultaneously, assuming they fit into specific, user determined guidelines.

Emotion-Free Trading

Perhaps the biggest challenge that any trader will face is their own emotions. Crypto trading can be stressful, especially when certain big names are involved. But there is no room for emotion in the trading game, which is exactly why account automation is so important.

Zero Licensing Cost

Binance US is dedicated to providing the lowest fees in the business. There are zero licensing costs for traders, with only trade fees coming into play. All transactions are charged at a flat 0.10% rate. Bitcoin trades are always charged at 0%.

High Profitability

Yes, many millionaires have been crowned trading cryptocurrencies and NFTs. It is possible to walk away with a bloated bank account, assuming that smart investments are made. Though, even casual traders can make good profits, assuming that they approach the market wisely. Binance Earn helps turn earnings into even more profits, over time.

Trade Multiple Cryptocurrencies

The best part about cryptocurrencies is that they’re highly diverse and varied. Smart traders know that focusing on just a handful of cryptos isn’t wise, given that market volatility can strike at any time. That is exactly why Binance US provides access to 350+ cryptos, including all the biggest names but also a few barely known altcoins.

SSL Certified

Blockchain technology is highly secure, but exchanges themselves need additional security. Binance US is fully SSL certified, meaning that advanced encryption layers protect traders and their personal information.

Quick Withdrawals

Withdrawal times at Binance US vary greatly depending on the currency being withdrawn. However, be it fiat currency or crypto, withdrawals are generally speedy. Most crypto withdrawals will be processed in under 24 hours. Fiat currency withdrawals may take up to 5 business days.

Customer Support Department

Binance US has put a great deal of time and effort into their customer support department. A 24 hour live chat service is always available, ensuring that help is close at hand. Fast information is also available through the FAQ page.

Demo Trading Account

Demo trading and exchange services are available at Binance US. Demo trading is offered for those that are new to the market and would like to practice before engaging in real trading.

How to Register with Binance US

Binance US is widely recognised as the largest exchange that allows anonymous trade. This means that when a trader is signing up they are not required to complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. Hence, account registration can take just a moment of time. It should be kept in mind however that traders who choose not to complete the KYC process will have a withdrawal limit.

1. Registration Form

The registration form requires various details in order to be completed. Those that choose to not complete KYC will need to provide just a verified email address.

2. Make Your First Deposit

After an account has been activated a deposit can be made. It is possible to make a deposit with both fiat currency and crypto. The deposit process varies depending on the currency chosen, with fiat currency requiring additional steps.

3. Demo or Live Trade

With funds available a trader can now jump into the action. The option exists to first use a demo account, which will allow for a risk free learning experience. Otherwise live trading is also immediately available.

Tips for Making the Most of Binance US

Crypto trading is exciting, and certainly holds enormous potential. However, there are several features at Binance US that make trading easier, more convenient, and potentially more profitable.

Utilise Your Account Broker

Binance US has built-in account management and broker services, referred to as Binance Broker. These service provide additional help with account management. Those that are new to trading are encouraged to try out the service, at least until they are comfortable with their own account management.

Invest the Minimum at First

Instincts tell new traders to jump in and start investing big right off the bat. But immediate big investments aren’t the right way to go about crypto trading. It is best to start by investing just the bare minimum, at least until a better understanding of the services is learned.

Keep Track of Your Cryptos

Binance US makes it easy to keep track of all investments. It is essential to remember which investments have been made with which cryptos, and to know how those investments are performing. Keeping track is a big part of being a successful trader, for obvious reasons.

Spend 20 Minutes on Your Account Daily

It is no good throwing out investments, then simply sitting back and not paying attention. Although crypto trading can be fully automated, it is still essential to check on an account. The best traders say that a minimum of 20 minutes daily should be spent on an account for best results.

Invest Responsibly

As all traders know crypto trading comes with inherent risks. Markets can be volatile and big changes can happen suddenly. That is why all trading, no matter how big or small, should be done responsibly.

Keep Track of Your Transactions

Keeping track of crypto values is important, as is keeping track of all transactions. Binance US allows for transaction logs to be kept, which is essential for those that take their trading seriously.

The Brief History of Crypto and BigONE

Binance has been around since 2017, founded by business start-up legend Changpeng Zhao. Zhao previously acted as head of the Bloomberg Tradebook Futures Research & Development, then went on to found Fusion Systems. Soon after he learned about Bitcoin and immediately joined Blockchain.com. He then decided to start his own cryptocurrency, Binance, and did so with immediate success.

Astoundingly, within just 180 days of launching, Binance became the biggest exchange in the world, as far as trade volume is concerned.

Binance US and Celebrities

Tik Tok personality Khaby Lame was associated with Binance as an ambassador.

Alternatives to Binance US:

Binance is a good option, but some alternatives include eToro, Uphold, Kraken, KuCoin, BitYard and others.

Frequently Asked Questions About Binance US:

What is Binance US and How Does it Work?

Binance US is the biggest crypto exchange in the world by trade volume. Traders that register for an account are able to engage with the crypto market.

How Much Profit Can I Make with Binance US?

Smart traders can make big profits trading crypto, depending on how they invest.

Is Binance US Free to Use?

Account registration is free, transactions have fees. Binance US provides Bitcoin trading with no fees.

Binance US App – is One Available?

The Binance US app is available for Android and iOS.

Where is Binance US Available?

Binance US is available in 180 countries around the world, including the United States.

Does Elon Musk or Any Corporations (Like Tesla) Use Binance US?

Some big corporations that use Binance include Microsoft, PayPal, and Starbucks.

Do Any Celebrities Endorse Binance US?

Tik Tok star Khaby Lame acted as a Binance ambassador.


Binance US has been an incredible success, now recognised as amongst the biggest trade platforms in the world. Featuring a vast array of cryptos, outstanding features, as well as cutting edge technology, it doesn’t get much better than this. To put it simply, any serious trader will certainly need to check the exchange out, and perhaps even add the native Binance crypto to their portfolio.