What is DigiFinex?

DigiFinex is a highly respected cryptocurrency exchange, as well as native home to the DigiFinex Token (DFT.) The platform facilitates the trading, selling, and buying of all major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC,) Bitcoin Cash (BCH,) and Ethereum (ETH.) Over 300 Altcoins are also supported, including asset trade such as NFTs.

A big draw of the platform is the extensive loyalty and bounty program, with traders rewarded simply for making use of the site’s services. All in all BitFinex stands apart for being one of the most widely trusted and widely respected trade platforms in the world today.

How We Reviewed DigiFinex:

Why settle for less when you can get the best? That’s our moto as a team of experienced, educated crypto professionals. We’ve been involved in the crypto market since the very beginning, watching as a niche hobby transformed into a global phenomenon. We were there when Bitcoin was announced, and are here today watching new exchanges spring up on an almost daily basis.

Having seen it all we know what works, understand how the industry works, and can spot scammers a mile away. That’s exactly why we launched this site. We aim to guide newcomer and pro traders alike, point them in the right direction, and ensure they only deal with excellent platforms. Stick with us and we’ll be happy to share our expert knowledge.

How Does DigiFinex Work?

DigiFinex provides crypto exchange services to traders. Access is granted to the market at large, allowing for the buying, trading and selling of digital assets. Account registration is free, but transactions are charged a 0.2% flat rate. An interesting aspect of the platform is that those that hold the native crypto of the site, DFT, receive a discount on all fees.

Putting it simply DigiFinex is a great starting point for newbie traders, and is an excellent professional option for experienced traders.

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What We Rated DigiFinex:

Sign-Up Process: 4.4/5

DigiFinex account registration is extremely professional. New accounts can be registered in just a few moments, requiring only that simple details be provided. The Know Your Customer (KYC) process is required, however, meaning that specific documentation is also needed. Traders that have validated identification at hand will complete registration quicker.

Deposits and Withdrawals: 4.8/5

DigiFinex supports fiat and crypto, allowing for maximum trade flexibility. Fiat deposits are possible in the usual fashion, with credit cards, debit cards and Google Pay supported. As far as withdrawals are concerned most transactions are completed in around 5 days, depending on the currency.

Available Assets and Ways to Trade: 4.2/5

Although DigiFinex supports an impressive range of trade options only a few cryptos are supported. At least, only a few are supported in comparison to other exchange platforms. Trade is possible with a total of 70 coins.

Customer Service: 4.8/5

DigiFinex promises that it always stands by its traders. Customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Security and Regulation: 4.2/5

DigiFinex is fully regulated and licensed. Security is handled by a dedicated team of security professionals.

Type:Trading Software
Profit Close Rate:85%+
Registration:Free (With Verification)
Verification:Under 10 Minutes
Initial Deposit:100 LikeCoin
Regulatory Body:ACRA
Withdrawal Time:1–5 business days depending on currency
Automated Trading:Yes
Order Execution Time:Less than 1ms
User Data Encryption:Yes (AES 256-bit)

Is DigiFinex Legit or a Scam?

DigiFinex is respected as amongst the most secure and trustworthy trading platforms. To trade users must complete the KYC process, ensuring that every trader is operating within the law. Multiple security layers are also used, making DigiFinex on par with most online banking services. DigiFinex is regulated by the Account and Corporate Regulatory Authority.

If you want to trade cryptocurrency with peace of mind this is the right place to start.

DigiFinex Features and Differentiators

DigiFinex is, broadly speaking, a great exchange on just about every level. Everything a trader could need is provided, from automated trading to outstanding customer support. As far as special features are concerned, however, the platform doesn’t do that much to stand apart.

The biggest drawing cards are the VIP and rewards systems. Normal DigiFinex fees are 0.2% across the board, which isn’t too bad. However those that hold the platform’s native crypto DFT, receive discounts. Various other rewards systems are also in play, ensuring that traders always feel valued.

User-Friendly Interface

The DigiFinex platform design is exceptional. All sections of the site are clearly labelled, the graphics are appealing and the colour scheme sensible. Veteran traders will appreciate the simplicity while newbies will be impressed by the style.

Place Trades Simultaneously

DigiFinex does have some degree of account automation, though not to the same extent as some other platforms. Even still, parameters can be set and trades can be allowed to tick off automatically. Savvy traders will even customise for multiple trades to occur simultaneously, allowing for maximum trade efficiency.

Emotion-Free Trading

Crypto trading can get confusing, even stressful, especially where newcomers are concerned. That isn’t a problem, however, when it comes to account automation. Once parameters are set the system will facilitate trade no matter what the inconsequential circumstances, completely keeping emotions out of the picture.

Zero Licensing Cost

DigiFinex does not charge licensing fees. Fees are only applicable when transactions are initiated, with 0.2% being charged across the board.

High Profitability

Let’s face it, traders get involved in crypto trade because they’re looking to make profits. How much profit can be made is up for debate, with some being lucky and others not being so lucky. Or is it less to do with luck and more to do with smart trading? Either way, DigiFinex provides everything needed for smart traders to earn big.

Trade Multiple Cryptocurrencies

DigiFinex supports just 70 cryptos, substantially less than some other exchanges. But then again, the cryptos on the platform have been carefully handpicked. Each supported crypto has potential, has been performing well, and offers great opportunity. So although supported cryptos are few, there is still plenty of room for big investments.

SSL Certified

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology is essential, especially where finances are concerned; a fact DigiFinex is aware of this. The platform is fully SSL certified, meaning that traders and their data are behind a wall of encryption.

Quick Withdrawals

Working with crypto is fast, regardless if we’re talking about deposits or withdrawals. Since no traditional banks are involved most withdrawals are completed in just a few hours. Fiat currencies always go through a bank, meaning that withdrawal times are slower. Most fiat withdrawals take up to 5 business days.

Customer Support Department

DigiFinex has a dedicated 24-hour customer support service available in over 13 different languages to resolve any trading issues that may arise.

Demo Trading Account

DigiFinex goes to great lengths to make newcomer traders feel at home, including providing a free demo account. Demo accounts simulate the live market, allowing for buying, trading and selling. Hence newcomers can practice trading without any of the risks. When they’re comfortable traders can easily switch to real trading.

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How to Register with DigiFinex

Registration at DigiFinex is quick for the most part, though every trader is required to complete the KYC process. Remember, KYC requires a verified identification document. If this documentation is close at hand the KYC process will go much quicker.

1. Registration Form

A standard registration form has to be completed before account registration can be processed. The registration form will require details such as a name, email address and residential address.

2. Make Your First Deposit

After an account is registered it will be time to make a first deposit. Deposits can be made in fiat or crypto, as is preferred. It should be kept in mind that although fiat deposits are done in the usual manner, with credit card or debit card, crypto deposits require the transfer of funds from a digital wallet. Digital wallet transfer requires that an address be generated, which can be done in the deposits section of the DigiFinex platform.

3. Demo or Live Trade

After funds reflect in the new account it is time to start trading. Newcomers can practice first with a demo account, allowing them to learn before they really start investing.

Tips for Making the Most of DigiFinex

Experienced and veteran traders are surely ready to jump in and start making investments. Newbies, on the other hand, might still be a little hesitant. Let’s take a look at a few handy tips that will get new traders into the swing of things.

Utilise Your Account Broker

DigiFinex provides account manager services, the perfect tool for those that are uncertain about where to begin. Once a professional account manager has been enlisted they will do everything to help a trader get the most out of their trading.

Invest the Minimum at First

As a professional account manager will suggest, it isn’t wise to jump in and immediately make big investments. Investing the minimum at first is a good idea, allowing for the market to be studied without risking massive amounts of cash. If investments go well bigger amounts can always be sunk into the market at a later date.

Keep Track of Your Cryptos

Most are probably already aware, but once cryptos have been bought its essential to track their value.

Spend 20 Minutes on Your Account Daily

How much time does it take to achieve success? An hour a day? Several hours a day? Veteran traders suggest that a minimum of 20 minutes a day be spent on a trading account.

Invest Responsibly

Money is money and should always be treated with respect. Every transaction and investment, no matter how small, should only ever be done responsibly.

Keep Track of Your Transactions

Keeping track of transactions is also a good idea. There is no telling when the information will be important.

The Brief History of Crypto and DigiFinex

DigiFinex has a clear, easily understood history, going back to 2017. The exchange was founded by Ned Kee, a man with a long, interesting history. Kee is known to have established the successful ShenZhen Wala Network Technology company, he also previously held the position of Director of Development and Operations at Xunlei Networking Technologies.

Before launching DigiFinex he recruited from tech giants HP, Tencent and Baidu. He then got busy designing and creating DigiFinex, which was launched officially in October 2017.

As it stands DigiFinex is extremely well respected, not in the least because the platform’s security technicians often speak at security conferences.

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Alternatives to DigiFinex:

Some alternate exchanges to consider include eToro, Gemini, Coinbase, Kraken, Crypto.com and more.

Frequently Asked Questions About DigiFinex

What is DigiFinex and How Does It Work?

DigiFinex in an online crypto trading platform. After registration traders can buy, trade and sell cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

How Much Profit Can I Make with DigiFinex?

It is possible to make profit trading crypto, but this very much depends on how the market is approached.

Is DigiFinex Free to Use?

DigiFinex charges a flat rate of 0.2% across all trades. Fees can be reduced by holding the platform’s native currency.

DigiFinex App – is One Available?

A DigiFinex dedicated app can be downloaded for free.

Where is DigiFinex Available?

DigiFinex is available in Malaysia, South Korea, Australia, China, and elsewhere.


DigiFinex is, with all things considered, a great choice of crypto exchange. The platform is not as bombastic as others, and is perhaps not as overt about its tech or features. But the service is still good, the customer support responsive, and the features acceptable. Above all else DigiFinex has an excellent reputation and is truly committed to security, which alone should be enough to satisfy most traders.