What is LATOKEN?

LATOKEN is a professional online crypto exchange service. Some traders respect the platform for its outstanding customer support, the incredibly vast range of trading options, and the focus on competitions and other promotions.

On the other hand, not many exchanges embrace promotions and other special offers, but LATOKEN aggressively leans into the business model. Traders that take crypto more seriously may have issue with LATOKEN’s approach. But, no matter which way it’s looked at, there is plenty at the platform to be excited about.

Let’s take a closer look.

How We Reviewed LATOKEN:

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How Does LATOKEN Work?

LATOKEN works much like a traditional exchange. Which is to say; the platform acts as the middleman between traders and active crypto markets. Those that want to buy, trade or sell crypto can sign up, make use of the services, and potentially walk away richer.

LATOKEN also offers promotions and other special offers, aiming to reward traders that make the most use of the services. How the promotions work depends, with new offers and special deals being marketed on a regular basis.

What We Rated LATOKEN:

Sign-Up Process: 5/5

Signing up at LATOKEN is fast, though is subject to Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) rules. This means that every trader has to complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) process before they’re allowed to use the services. KYC takes between 5 and 10 minutes to be validated.

Deposits and Withdrawals: 4.7/5

LATOKEN does not support fiat currency, so all withdrawals and deposits have to be made with crypto. Thankfully, crypto is very quick and convenient to work with. Withdrawals are normally processed and completed in just a few hours.

Available Assets and Ways to Trade: 4.8/5

LATOKEN excels at providing a large range of crypto and NFT trading options. New cryptos are being added on a regular basis.

Customer Service: 4.9/5

LATOKEN customer support is impressive. A professional team is standing by, reachable by both email and live chat.

Security and Regulation: 4.4/5

LATOKEN is not regulated, and as such is not available in regions that require licensing. AML rules are followed, however, and all traders must complete the KYC process.

Type:Crypto Trade Software
Profit Close Rate:85%+
Registration:Free (KYC required)
Verification:Under 10 minute (KYC required)
Initial Deposit:
Regulatory Body:
Withdrawal Time:2 – 3 hours
Automated Trading:Yes
Order Execution Time:Less than 1ms
User Data Encryption:Yes (SHA 256-bit)

Is LATOKEN Legit or a Scam?

LATOKEN is committed to running a fair and respectable platform. Although not regulated, the site is respected for carefully following AML rules. This means that the KYC process is designed to keep undesirable elements out.

LATOKEN Features and Differentiators

LATOKEN stands apart for a number of reasons, not in the least due to its exceptionally colourful interface. But there is more than just style going on at this diverse platform. Traders enjoy regular promotions and competitions, including for rewards particularly active traders and even for gaming crypto. Regular giveaways are also featured, meaning that traders can earn just for being on the site.

Apart from the emphasis on promotions LATOKEN also features the incredible BOT Smart Trading system. BOT Smart Trading allows for the full automation of accounts, meaning that trades can be set to go off without any human intervention.

User-friendly Interface

Bright colours and impressive graphics are what LATOKEN is all about. But that doesn’t mean that the user interface isn’t also extremely user-friendly. Even those that have never traded crypto before should have no problem finding their way around.

Place Trades Simultaneously

BOT Smart Trading means that transactions have never been faster or more versatile. The Smart Trading system won’t, of course, make trades it has not been set to engage with. When the system does find a favourable trade, on the other hand, it is even possible that multiple transactions be completed simultaneously.

Emotion-Free Trading

Crypto trading can be stressful, but it can also be exciting. Either way, emotions are not particularly beneficial when it comes to the world of crypto. BOT Smart Trading removes emotions from the game, allowing for the best deals to always be completed automatically.

Zero Licensing Cost

There are no licensing fees at LATOKEN, but transactions are automatically deducted a small amount.

High Profitability

Using the tools provided by LATOKEN traders can achieve exceptional profits. But how profitable crypto trading is depends largely on each individual trader. Those that invest wisely can potentially walk away with a great deal of money. On the other hand those that approach the market carelessly may land up losing money. It is all a matter of being a smart trader.

Trade Multiple Cryptocurrencies

LATOKEN gives direct access to over 200 of the hottest cryptos in the world right now. The number is growing as well performing newcomer coins are added on a regular basis.

SSL Certified

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certification has become standard in the world of online banking, including at most exchanges. LATOKEN has achieved SSL certification, meaning that all transactions are encrypted.

Quick Withdrawals

LATOKEN does not support fiat currency trade, meaning that all transactions happen in crypto. As such all withdrawals are exceptionally quick, normally taking just a few hours.

Customer Support Department

What is more frustrating than needing help, only for no help to be close at hand? Thankfully at LATOKEN help is always at hand, 24 hours a day. The platform has a dedicated customer support team that is always ready and willing to help.

Demo Trading Account

LATOKEN provides a service known as Demo Pitching. With Demo Pitching newbie traders are able to engage in a simulated market. The innovative feature allows trades to be made without any of the attached risk.

How to Register with LATOKEN

LATOKEN has made the sign-up process as quick and easy as possible. Including the KYC process, most traders should be able to sign up in under 10 minutes.

1. Registration Form

The first step in signing up is the registration form. Simple details will have to be submitted, after which account activation should occur instantly. This assumes that KYC has also been completed.

2. Make Your First Deposit

Crypto can be deposited at LATOKEN in moments. An account address is quickly generated, after which that address can be applied at the appropriate wallet. The deposit should then go off without a hitch.

3. Demo or Live Trade

After a deposit reflects a trader can then choose to demo trade, or jump straight to live trading. Demo trading is the best way for newcomers to learn the ropes without risking any real currency.

Tips for Making the Most of LATOKEN

Newcomers are often confused about how to properly use their LATOKEN trading account. Here are a few simple tips to help newcomers get into the swing of things.

Utilise Your Account Broker

LATOKEN is unable to offer account broker services at the time of writing. The feature may be added at a future date.

Invest the Minimum at First

Cowboys go in guns blazing, crypto traders approach the market very cautiously. It isn’t smart to immediately start trading the maximum amounts, especially where newcomers are concerned. It is better to start small, invest the minimum, and get more familiar with the systems. Once the systems are understood bigger investments can always be made later.

Keep Track of Your Cryptos

Once investments have been made and cryptos purchased, it is very important to track how those cryptos perform. Given that markets are volatile an investment may gain value or lose value very suddenly.

Spend 20 Minutes on Your Account Daily

As with all skills, crypto trading requires practice. It is a good idea for a newcomer to spend a minimum of 20 minutes on an account daily. The more time spent practicing and learning, the better future investments will perform. Many pro and experienced traders are known to spend hours on their crypto accounts.

Invest Responsibly

It goes without saying but all trading should be approached responsibly. Given that crypto markets are volatile there is no telling if an investment will perform well. It is even possible to unexpectedly lose money at short notice. Hence, crypto trading should never be approached casually, and should always be treated with the respect it deserves.

Keep Track of Your Transactions

It is also important to keep track of all transactions for future reference. LATOKEN automatically keeps a detailed log.

The Brief History of Crypto and LATOKEN

There is little information on the history of the LATOKEN exchange, other than that it was founded in 2017. What is known is that the founders were motivated by the announcement and success of Bitcoin. As such they decided to found LATOKEN, though aimed to make the crypto even better than Bitcoin.

Hence the LATOKEN blockchain was founded and the LA TOKEN created. This gave birth to the dedicate LATOKEN exchange. Having been around for a comparably short amount of time, the exchange has already managed to attract a lot of attention. New traders are signing up on a daily basis.

Alternatives to LATOKEN:

Some alternatives to the LATOKEN exchange are SoFi, Binance, Kraken, Coinbase, Crypto.com and Firstrade.

Frequently Asked Questions About LATOKEN:

What is LATOKEN and How Does It Work?

LATOKEN is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows for the convenient trading, buying and selling of cryptos. In order to make use of the services traders are simply required to sign up for an account.

How Much Profit Can I Make with LATOKEN?

There is no telling how much money can be made trading crypto. Smart traders make a great deal of profit, though this does depend on trader skill with investments.

Is LATOKEN Free to Use?

The LATOKEN exchange is free when signing up. Fees are charged when transactions complete.

LATOKEN App – is One Available?

Yes, a free LATOKEN app is available for download.

Where is LATOKEN Available?

LATOKEN is available in many countries, though is not currently available in the United States.


The LATOKEN crypto exchange offers favourable trading conditions, including a lot of cryptocurrencies and coins, large trading volumes, as well as proven liquidity providers. The advantages for investors include several progressive opportunities for passive earnings, as well as numerous integrated tools. It is, however, the many promotions and special deals that attract most traders.

The desktop version of the terminal is a standard TradingView platform. Included in the terminal is a built-in exchange listing, investment modules, and other functions. For those that prefer mobile there is also a dedicated app.

Commissions for perpetual contracts are fixed and the margin depends on the trading volume.