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Faster mining than other cryptos
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Multiple servers mean zero downtime
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Transaction costs are increasing
Centralisation fears are emerging.
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ETH stands as the second-biggest market cap in the cryptocurrency market. Our experts agree that, although it’s a volatile investment, it can be one that offers outstanding returns.

About ETH

Ethereum and its native cryptocurrency Ether (ETH) were launched in 2015 by now crypto billionaire Vitalik Buterin. The Russian Canadian is known for having previously written for Bitcoin Magazine, a publication he started with Mihai Alisie in 2012. In 2014 he was awarded the Thiel Fellowship. The award included a $100,000 investment, intended for under 23s to pursue big opportunities. He and his team launched the blockchain Ethereum, as well as the currency Ether, a year later.

The move ultimately catapulted the young entrepreneur into crypto super-stardom. Crypto enthusiasts set out to buy Ether almost immediately, and as of May 2021 Ether crossed the value of $3,000 per coin. This meant that Buterin possessed the equivalent of billions of dollars.

The Ethereum blockchain initiated what many consider to be the second wave of the technology. The system was based on what Bitcoin achieved but took innovation to the next level. Ethereum is still evolving to this day, with the developers saying its final form will be the leading crypto platform.

How to Buy Ether

You can buy Ether quickly and easily through various platforms. First you will have to decide if you want to buy via a broker or exchange, each with their own benefits. A broker will trade with a fixed price, while an exchange will have flexible prices. You will need to have an account at your choice of broker or exchange platform, plus a linked bank account. Keep in mind that some exchange platforms allow you to trade anonymously.

To buy Ether you will also need a place to store it, such as an EWallet. Once purchased you can then withdraw the Ether to your chosen EWallet destination.

Payment Options Accepted

If you intend to buy Ether directly this can be done with all traditional methods, including credit cards and debit cards. If you intend on trading for Ether at a platform then a provided cryptocurrency trading facility will be used. The trading options offered will vary.

How to Mine, Spend and Trade and Halve Ether

You can buy Ether, or mine Ether. Mining Ether is done in much the same way as Bitcoin, using a computer and appropriate software. Most interesting is that Ether can be mined much faster than Bitcoin, with it taking just 7.5 days to mine a single ETH coin. Though this does depend on the hardware used. It should also be kept in mind that halving rules apply, or in the case of Ether, triple halving. Triple halving means that the amount of time it takes to mine Ether increases over time.

You can trade Ether on various platforms for traditional currency to spend it. There is a growing number of companies that now accept Ether payments, including 1xBet, Toro Coffee, Travala, Cryptoholic, and more.

The Ethereum blockchain and Ether are fast being seen as cryptocurrency leaders. If you buy Ether you too can be a part of the cutting edge.

Buy Ethereum

ETH is able to support businesses and individuals the world over via the improved interconnectivity it offers. It fosters innovations like healthcare records based on blockchain, NFTs, sustainable energy sharing, the concept of Metaverse, and smart contracts.


We think Ethereum is an excellent long-term investment and will be bullish overall for at least the next one to three years. Prices are also expected to rise in the long-term.

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