Storepay Token Announces Listing On AscendEx

Storepay, and the blockchain’s native currency $SPCFIN, are widely renowned for opening up enormous business opportunities. Those that sign-up at the platform are able to easily buy whatever merchandise they want, all while not have to worry about making immediate payments. The products can be bought now and paid for later, in instalments.

This purchasing system itself isn’t ground-breaking, but what is ground-breaking is that when merchandise is bought with $SPCFIN, via the Storepay platform, there is always 0% interest fees. This interest free economy in stark contrast to other trading standards, of course, making it clear why the blockchain and token have become so popular.

What’s more is that 1% of all $SPCFIN spent at the platform goes directly back into a buyers account. This in itself is impressive, more so that the currency can be staked to earn on-platform rewards.

Now Listed For Free Trade

On December 28th Storepay announced that its native token is officially listed on the AscendEx platform. AscendEx is, as traders are aware, amongst the most respect cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

To put it bluntly the listing is a major leap forward for Storepay, and likewise big crypto news for every trader that has chosen to invest in the token.

But what does an official listing at an exchange actually mean for traders? A listing means that it is now possible to freely buy, trade and sell $SPCFIN. Previously the currency could only be purchased directly from the blockchain. In other words, the listing at AscendEx is essentially the opening up of a wider, more global trade market, and is nothing short of a game changer.

Beyond AscendEx, $SPCFIN was also listed on another exchange; LBank.

Exceptionally Streamlined

Taking a closer look at the storefront itself, the buy now pay later (BYNPL) environment is exceptionally consumer friendly. Traders are able to make purchases that would perhaps otherwise have not been affordable.

What’s more is that the Storepay platform is exceptionally streamlined. It takes just minutes to sign up, keeping in mind that each buyer and merchant must complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. A dedicated, free to download BNPL app is also available, with direct online wallet integration supported.

The benefits also aren’t one-sided. Since participating merchants are also securing sales that might otherwise have not been viable, the arrangement is a win/win situation for everyone involved.

A Bright Future

According to a statement made by the blockchain’s founders, creating $SPCFIN was all about offering a safe, ethical alternative to traditional credit. With the $SPCFIN currency big purchases can quickly and easily be made, the founders explained, all without fiat credit ratings ever being impacted.

As it stands the Storepay boasts 300,000 active viewers, 2,000 merchants, and an enormous average monthly volume. The numbers are also only going up, seeming to suggest that the blockchain and the token have a future as bright as what we see in Bitcoin reviews.

It remains to be seen how $SPCFIN performs at exchanges, but chances are this is a crypto that is going to be taking the world by storm.

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