Blockchain Tech Boosting Food Security

It’s no secret that food security is a critical global issue – and perhaps more critical and urgent than ever before in the history of humankind.

According to the United Nations, an estimated 900 million people are now suffering from chronic hunger and malnutrition.

The good news is that help is at hand in the form of technology. Many major food producers and distributors are already making use of blockchain technology to improve the traceability of food as well as to prevent its contamination. View the crypto exchange platforms readily available for the supply chain market to use too.

Safety Is Key

A major challenge in the promotion of the security of food is ensuring safety in an efficient manner.

Blockchain technology can be a great help in this regard. It is now possible to create an entire supply chain that is safe, transparent, and secure. Today, consumers can even trace their food to its very origins. This ensures that food doesn’t get tampered with or contaminated during transport and storage.

Creating Direct Marketplaces

Another valuable aspect of blockchain technology is that it connects farmers and consumers directly. This means without the need for wholesalers or retailers.

This will greatly reduce the cost of food for cash-strapped consumers. It will also boost the profits of small-scale farmers who typically struggle to bring their produce to traditional markets.

Smarter Food

Implementing smart contracts can automate food-related transactions. These hi-tech contracts can even create lucrative incentives for farmers to adopt greener and more sustainable farming practices.

Improved Traceability

With the help of blockchain tech, a record can be created of every step of the food supply chain. This would be the entire journey from farm to table.

This can greatly reduce the wastage of food by enabling producers to track the actual shelf life of their products. Ultimately, this will lead to smarter decisions about when to harvest and how to transport food.

Improved traceability will also bring about a better system for identifying the source of food contamination. In fact, China has officially named blockchain tech to be a strategic tool in food safety. What’s more, Australia has been constantly applying blockchain efforts to ensure a more transparent food supply and movement chain.

Environment Matters

Those who study food security know the absolute importance of proper nutrition in caring for the environment.

Understanding this connection means grasping how blockchain technology can play a vital role in looking after our natural resources.

Today, environmental sustainability is an important purchasing factor for many end consumers. To this end, the information provided by blockchain technology can greatly improve the ability of major production companies to switch to practices less harmful to the environment.

Even agencies such as the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are quite vocal about their opinion that the future of food security is wrapped up in blockchain technology.

Food For Thought

Without food and proper nutrition, life as we know it cannot be possible.

When looking for a sustainable future in food security, blockchain technology must assume a central role.

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