Privacy Policy

Bitcoin Codes works under a strict policy of not collecting, storing, or sharing the personal information of any its users. The site does not aim to collect your personal information and has no intention of ever sharing it with third parties.

Personal Information Policies

Bitcoin Codes is 100% committed to respecting the personal information of its users. No personal information is ever collected or stored, nor is any personal information shared with third parties. No forms are used for email communication and all emails are fully deleted after being received. This applies to customer support or any other forms of email communication.

Cookies are not inserted onto the systems of our users and no databases are kept containing the personal information of users. We are also committed to not sending any advertisements, unsolicited marketing or other information unless a user has specifically asked for that information. If any unsolicited communciation is sent to you claiming to be from Bitcoin Codes, please disregard the communication and consider reporting the transgression to us.

Advertising Details

Bitcoin Codes does make use of Google AdSense, which is a primary means of supporting the site. Google AdSense does make use of cookies and web beacons, which in turn allows the company to provide instant on-screen advertising. Google AdSense will receive information such as your IP address, ISP, the browser you are using, as well as some other data. Google AdSense may use the information to select advertising with your location and previous browsing habits taken into account. Bitcoin Codes does not have access to, or store any of the information collected by Google AdSense.

Cookies can be disabled entirely by managing your browser, which will prevent Google AdSense from receiving any information. Disabling cookies may impact the functionality of some sites. For example, automatic login features may not function correctly if cookies have been disabled.

Google AdSense has an entirely separate privacy policy, and may work under rules that do not apply to Bitcoin Codes. Details of the Google AdSense privacy policy can be found at the appropriate site.

Aggregate Information Tracking

Bitcoin Codes does use statistics and aggregation software to track usage of the site. The tracking software does not enable us to identify individual users, or access the personal information of users. Aggregation and tracking software is used as a framework with which to make future improvements to the site. No tracking information collected is provided to any third parties.

External Web Links

Bitcoin Codes is committed to sharing news and information with users. This means that the site contains many links to third party news sites, all of which can be accessed by users. When a third party link is clicked a user is leaving Bitcoin Codes, and thereby leaving the privacy policies stated above. Third party sites may have different privacy policies that will then take effect.

Bitcoin Codes does not take responsibility for third party site privacy policies. Users visiting third party sites should investigate the privacy policies of any sites they visit as they may differ.

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