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Who is Bitcoin Codes?

Bitcoin Codes is a crypto focused site that aims to bring you the latest cryptocurrency news and coin and exchange reviews. We also aim to emphasise accountability, fair trading and transparency in the growing crypto-sphere.

Can You Give Me Crypto Investment Advice?

No, we will never give you advice about how to make digital asset investments. If you want advice in that regard it is advisable to contact a professional, qualified financial expert.

How Does Bitcoin Codes Make Money?

We will never charge you or any other users for making use of the information we provide on the site. Our income is generated by business arrangements we have with brokers and other partners, including those linked to our site. We may get financial compensation when you click to a third party site or when you create an account at a third party site.

Do You Collect My Data?

As with most sites, Bitcoin Codes and our business partners collect certain general information about our visitors. Data collection may be done using cookies, web beacons and other technology. HTTP and HTML5 cookies may be used, and the collected data may be held on local storage.

How Can I Get In Touch With Bitcoin Codes?

You can directly get in touch with us using the contact information on our contact page.

Risk Warning

  • The information provided on this site, including reviews, news, analysis or research is on an “as is” basis. The information is only intended as commentary and opinion and not as investment advice. There is no guarantee that this information is accurate, up to date, or will provide positive investment results.
  • The cryptocurrency market can fluctuate widely, meaning that investment can be extremely risky. Past performance should not be seen as a guarantee that future investment will be successful.
  • CFDs and other derivatives, as well as leveraged Forex trading, comes with enormous investment risk. Investments may be lost rapidly.
  •   Some of the services offered on this site may be prohibited in your jurisdiction. Bitcoin Codes does not intend for any offered services to be used illegally.
  • Services and brokers referred to and linked to on this site may not be regulated in your jurisdiction. This means that investment with these brokers may not qualify for investor protection.

Final Disclaimer

  • Bitcoin Codes, the site’s owners and operators, as well as all affiliates, don’t take responsibility for the actions or services provided by linked third party sites.
  • The contents of Bitcoin Codes may be changed or modified at any time without warning. No notification will be given to users that content on the site has been changed.
  • Ratings or reviews, positive or otherwise, should not be seen as an endorsement of the services or products of that third party site. Users making use of the services of a third party site should investigate the terms and conditions of any offered online services.
  • Content on this site is the sole property of Bitcoin Codes, unless declared otherwise. Content on third part sites belongs respectively to that site.

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